The Category of Graphs

June 29, 2019

You know the sensation where a familiar word becomes suddenly completely strange for no apparent reason? Like suddenly the scales fall away from your eyes and you see how utterly weird it is that a concept has a particular name? I’ve been having that feeling with the word graph as I use it in math. As a kid, you learn how to graph simple functions in the sense of being able to sketch them on a sheet of, say, graph paper.

Hello World

June 22, 2010

Earlier this week, Marc Weidenbaum of wrote a paean to the blog that I found really inspiring. “Self-publishing,” he writes, “is the heart of the healthy internet.” So hello. Having been given the push I needed, I decided to move my academic website to its own URL and use it as an excuse to start blogging. Since much of the rest of this website is given over to my career as a mathematician, it’s reasonable to expect that I will talk about math here, and I expect to get technical with it when I want to.