This is just a small note that I've changed the backend organization of this website around. You might notice old links are likely dead, for which I'm sorry. Whereas previously it was built with Jekyll, we're now using Hugo. Jekyll itself, which is built on Ruby, has been pretty good to me. I was able to do the design work on this website over the course of maybe about a week in summer 2019; writing blog posts in Markdown and now Org mode was simple.

What was less good to me are Jekyll's dependencies and the Ruby language. Somehow I ended up more or less stuck on Ruby 2.7, while security notifications advising me to update "Gems", Ruby's idea of packages to versions that required a newer version of Ruby.

Having fought with my computer enough trying to get Ruby configured locally to build my site, I decided this latest round of security vulnerabilities warranted something more drastic. So, we switched to Hugo, which is built on Go. I don't speak Go at the moment, but it's a simple language with an uncomplicated setup arc on macos.

Anyway, the last hurdle will be getting CI/CD set up!