arc Arc
clock clock coroutines
controlspec ControlSpec
grid grid
keycodes helper module for translating SDL keycodes
metro metro
midi midi
osc osc
paramset ParamSet class
params.control Control class
screen screen
vport vport helper module
Formatters Formatters, to have custom rendering of param values as text
Lattice module for creating a lattice of sprockets based on a single fast "superclock"
lib.lfo construct an LFO
lib.MusicUtil Music utility module.
lib.pattern timed pattern event recorder/player
lib.reflection clocked pattern recorder library
lib.sequins sequins
tab table utility
lib.UI UI widgets module widgets for paging, tabs, lists, dials, sliders, etc.
util random utils
seamstress zig->lua and lua->zig interface


config.lua seamstress configuration add to package.path
seamstress startup file
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