I record music as Alanza. Last year I released my first album, Learning to Run, which you can buy on Bandcamp or listen to on streaming (Apple Music, or Spotify for instance).

I appeared on Dan Derks’s lovely Sound and Process podcast to talk about many things including the process of making the album.


I’m a moderator of the forum Lines, a forum about art, music, technology, etc. It would be great to have you join the conversation.


Recently I’ve been working on seamstress (lines thread here), a Lua scripting environment for macOS (and eventually Linux) for working with monome devices, MIDI, OSC, etc. The Lua API is documented here.

Seamstress is inspired by matron, a component of monome’s norns, which was written by Ezra Buchla.

Norns Scripts

I’ve written a couple scripts for the norns as well. You can find them and perhaps too many other things on my GitHub.